International Courier Services 

The number of shipments sent internationally has increased exponentially, all thanks to the humongous growth of eCommerce. Parcels are sent out, not just for commercial purposes, but also for personal. India is a melting pot of various cultures and traditions, with a festival being celebrated almost every month. And with festivals, comes exchanging of gifts with near and dear ones, even if they are living in a faraway land. But sending out parcels can be quite a tedious affair, especially when you have to send them abroad. It’s here The Daily Parcel comes to your rescue.
The Daily Parcel is the leader in the international courier service in Delhi NCR. It ships items all across the world, in single and bulk, and at the most competitive price, possible.

Why Use The Daily Parcel?

• The Daily Parcel provides the best rate for international shipping in Delhi NCR. You are free to compare the prices, but we’re confident you’ll come back to us.
• We are affiliated with the most reputed courier companies so that your shipment reaches its destination safely.
• We ship all over the world, to all countries, including UAE, USA, Singapore, UK, Canada, Australia and more.
• Transparency is one of our fortes. We provide our customers tracking information within an hour of shipping the article, so they can see for themselves where their parcel is going and at what speed.
• We provide free pick up and packaging of parcels/shipments to ensure minimum hassle to our customers.

So don’t hesitate and call +91-701-362-5853 for a comfortable shipping service. You won’t regret it.

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