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International Medicine Delivery From Delhi India

When you are abroad on vacation or a business trip and you realize that you have forgotten to pack your medicines, it can be a stressful time, especially if the medicines are rare or available only in your home country. Thanks to global connectivity and modern technological advancement, you can now easily get your medicines delivered to you no matter where you are in the world. The Daily Parcel offers incredible rates, ease of service and speedy delivery to international destinations from your home in Delhi NCR.

Lifesaving International Medicine Courier Service

It is hard to find a courier service that handles medicine delivery. Due to set rules and regulations in each and every country regarding medicine, most courier services avoid sending such parcels, however critical it may seem. The Daily Parcel understands the importance of being able to send medicines and does not shy away from doing the extra work to ensure safety and legal protocols for such couriers. It has a special courier service category dedicated only to sending medicines. All you need to do is simply call to promptly use the service when you need to deliver medicines to international locations, whether for yourself, your family or friends.

Send Medicine Courier Worldwide From Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad & Greater Noida Call +91-701-362-5853

Quick, Safe and Trustworthy Medicine Delivery From Delhi India

In order to send the medicines as quickly as possible, all the required details including the medicine names and the destination country need to be furnished when you first make the call. The Daily Parcel staff can then ascertain if the medicines are allowed in the country where they need to be delivered. Aside from the legalities, through this process, the staff also checks the best pharmacies across the country for the cost of the medicines. Once you confirm the order and the payment process, you can easily get your lifesaving medicines delivered to wherever you want as promptly, safely and smoothly as possible.

Get Your Medicine Delivered Anywhere In The World

The Daily Parcel offers courier service specifically for medicines apart from its other regular courier services. By catering to your medicinal parcels as a separate category, every precautions and guideline specific to each country are followed stringently. Simply contact us at +91-701-362-5853 with the details and the rest will be done by the staff members, turning the process of sending your parcel as plain and simple as possible. So, make sure to get in touch with The Daily Parcel for your medicinal courier needs.

Efficient Customer Service, Real-time Online Tracking

Knowing how important and critical medicine courier can be, the dedicated customer support team are well-trained to do thorough research. Right from the moment you call, they are ready to answer your questions, clear any doubts and sort out the logistics of sending your medicines to where you want them delivered. Once the courier is on its way, you can still keep a tab on the progress of the parcel by tracking it online, using the unique tracking ID assigned to your order. With this tracking, you will also be informed when the courier has safely made its way from Delhi to the hands of the intended recipient overseas.

We Accept Medicine Courier Orders For:

  • Allopathic or English medicines.
  • Homoeopathic medications.
  • Ayurveda medication.
  • Unani medications.
  • Healthcare Products And Drinks.
  • We carry and deliver “Liquid Medicines” and will pack as per the flight requirement.

Before placing the order for any kind of medicine, please ensure that you have the following documents with you.

  • Doctor’s prescription and Letter or certificate stating the illness and all the necessary medicines prescribed for the patients.
  • One original and one photocopy of the medical bill (GST Invoice)
  • If you’re sending Ayurvedic medicines, please include a letter containing the details of ‘mixture preparation’.

So, next time you need to parcel some medicines from Delhi to international destinations, you know which courier company to call. You can keep your focus on your business trip or enjoy your planned vacation without any worries about the medicines. With its prompt service, thorough research, affordable rates, dedicated medicine courier category and reach all around the world, The Daily Parcel is an obvious choice and a reliable company to courier your medicines.

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